Digital scanners are a transformative technology used by Dr. Mayur Patel and our team to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of dental treatments. These advanced devices capture precise 3D images of your teeth and gums, providing a comprehensive view that aids in diagnosis and treatment planning.

Benefits of Digital Scanners
The use of digital scanners offers numerous advantages, including:

  • Enhanced Precision: Digital scanners create highly detailed 3D images, ensuring more accurate diagnoses and tailored treatment plans.
  • Improved Comfort: Traditional impressions can be uncomfortable and messy. Digital scanning eliminates the need for these impressions, making the process more pleasant for patients.
  • Time Efficiency: The digital scanning process is quick, reducing the time you spend in the dental chair and allowing for faster turnaround on dental restorations.
  • Better Communication: The detailed images produced by digital scanners enable better communication between our dentist and dental laboratories, ensuring restorations fit perfectly.

How Digital Scanners Are Used
At DC Family Dental, digital scanners are integral to various dental procedures:

  • Treatment Planning: The detailed 3D images help in planning complex procedures, such as implants, crowns and bridges.
  • Orthodontics: Digital scans are used to create accurate models for orthodontic treatments like Invisalign, ensuring a precise fit.
  • Restorative Dentistry: Scanners assist in designing custom restorations, such as veneers and inlays, that match the exact contours of your teeth.

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